Director: Maia Elisabeth Sørensen

DOP: Kristoffer Engholm Aabo

Producer: Morten Vest

Sound design: TBA

Editor: TBA


(Jan. 21)

We have been following the protagonist, Nicolaj, for almost five years and are we expect the film to be ready around autumn '21.


We now have a timeline that is roughly one hour, and we look forward to starting a new collaboration with an editor.


So far we have worked with a minimal budget, and we are at present seeking funding from private funds, broadcasters and film institutions, as well as international co-production, to finalize the production with the remaining filming and editing.


The estimated run time will be between 50-70 min.

Nicolaj is a teenager who loves to dance. His untamed physique and wild energy makes him a natural born dancer, in an unconventional sense. During the five years we have followed Nicolaj, we have witnessed the massive changes that define “coming-of-age” - experienced through dancing.


Through a creative collaboration between Nicolaj and Maia, who herself has a background as a dancer and choreographer, the protagonist and director are challenging each other and the way we look at dancing.


Nicolaj has a diagnosis on the autism spectrum and dancing becomes his freedom and protection as well as a means of communication, making him a role model for the rest of us.

Scene from NICOLAJ - boy dancing, roughcut