Politics, romance and controvercy is mixed in this holistic farce as the protagonist, Jesper Ravn, is fighting the corruption within the state in Denmark.


His use of social media has already brought him several lawsuits. He is more fortunate with the women, that are lining up to rescue him. His wife, Karina, is not too happy about it. She wants a divorce. His girlfriend, A, is a muslim. His friends in Nordic Patriots, an xenophobic organisation he is the president of, are not too happy either. But then Jessica, the director, comes to help him solve everything. You can see the two of them in the clip above.


We have been following our protagonist, Jesper Ravn, since the summer of 2019 and we have most likely by now shot 80-90% of the film.


We have edited the main scenes and are presently working at the treatment.


The film is financed by the Danish Filminstitute, Frank Piasecki Poulsen, so far through two rounds of development support.

Director: Jessica Nilsson

Producer: Morten Vest

Editor: Biel Andrés


Supported by The Danish Filminstitute/Frank Piasecki Poulsen


Estimated runtime: 1h / 1:30h

Scene from Fuck the State!, roughcut